2.1 Locking System

The mission of 2Fold™ is to be the thinnest folding door system in the world. The patent pending combination of steel and wood created the ability to have sash members that are an incredible 1” in face dimension. Once this was accomplished, a locking system that would be compatible with both the mission and the framing system.

Folding doors of all designs use one of two locking strategies:

  • First is the surface bolts mounting at the top and bottom of the locking jamb. At each operable door pair you would need to reach up to the top of the door to lock (unlock) the upper bolt and bend over to separately lock (unlock) the lower bolt. Doors over 7 feet in height are almost impossible to unlock without a stool or ladder. Also, the surface mounted hardware is bulky to look at.
  • Second is the multi-point locking system like the Brio 286. If we were designing a typical folding door, this would be our choice. The lock is wonderfully built and works well. The only visible part is the handle and deadlock lever. The problem with this is that “typical” folding doors have wide sash stiles that can handle the installation of the locking system. To work with the very best traditional system would have meant making the sash frame 2.5 times larger and that was NOT acceptable to 2Fold.

2.1 is similar to the multi-point lock that can be bought for installation in almost any traditional folding door in that it has 2 locking points, top and bottom, and also has just 1 operating lever. The magic with 2.1 is that no regularly manufactured lock would fit into the 3/8” lock rebate of 2Fold. Our pending patent had to expand to include a unique combination of stainless steel components that would securely lock the door, fit into the space and operate with a single lever.

Once this was accomplished, we took it one step further by allowing the locking gear to over-rotate in the locking position so that a thief trying to use the credit card like trick to work the locking bolt at the top or bottom to gain entrance into your home would be defeated. The harder they try to push the bolt down, the more locked it becomes. Frustrating for them, Safety for you.