How Do You Define the Perfect Window or Door Product?

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Perfection is in the eye of the buyer and the companies trying to sell to them.  No matter how you slice it, perfection is most easily defined as Better, Faster, Cheaper!  The cruel truth of the matter is that all three of these factors fight one another and compromise is the only way to get to the “perfect” solution.

If you want the best it most certainly will not be the cheapest and most likely won’t be the fastest.  If you raise fastest to the top of the podium it will not likely be the cheapest or best.  Ok, you see how this is going.  Let’s break down these three pinnacles and see what makes them tick.

Better is usually defined as the most feature laden product that outperforms the competition with more options with convenient operation and made from the most aesthetically pleasing materials that outlast all others with little or no maintenance cost.  This is a tall order for any single product and better is the operable word for only some of the features, not best as in winning in all areas of analysis.  A car that can go from zero to 60mph is 2 seconds, has rich leather interior, and seats that mold to your individual butt would not expected to be the cheapest and neither should it be true in windows and doors.

Cheaper can only be obtained by using less expensive materials with lower labor costs by a company that doesn’t spend as much on customer service in most likelihood.  The cost can be reduced by efficiency of manufacture which is only economically feasible through high volume production which does not lend itself to customization.  You can’t get something for nothing, and if a sales person  is trying to sell you on this possibility, they also must distract you from some hidden truth deep inside the product.  We all want to believe in a “good deal”, but you are usually “paying” for the deal in some other manner.  The fine print is a killer.

Faster is relative, and it is paid for by accepting fewer options, less customization to your specific needs, and/or higher cost to deliver.  Standard products with few options are available at the local store or from regional warehouses.  Customization and fast can only be accomplished with local fabrication, incredible software systems, knowledgeable professionals all the way down to the local level, fast shipment in less than truckload quantities and other cost drivers.  You can get it fast, but again, at a price.

Better, Cheaper, Faster is a myth. 

A friend of mine tells customers that you can have one of the three or maybe two with a little compromise, but you can’t get all three . . . sorry . . . no way.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.  It’s that simple. My suggestion is that you rate each of the three factors on a scale of 1-10 so that you understand what your priorities are.  Also, you need to set features within each as thresholds.  You might say I can’t spend more than $4,000 for this opening and can’t wait more than 10 weeks for it to deliver and need for it to have a specific thermal performance.  The more you can identify your buy or fly limits, the easier to stay on track.

2Fold® is a custom door system that makes doors quickly that fit your exact circumstances.  As you might expect, this comes at a cost.  We are not the cheapest alternative, but if you want an incredible glass door built to your needs in a short amount of time check us out. 

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