From The Outside Looking In; An Outsider’s Perspective of 2Fold®

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In The Beginning   

From laying out footings for sill plates to rest on to banging shingles down sheet by sheet I thought I knew it all.  I had all the insider knowledge I could gain in the tiny construction world I once lived in… boy was I wrong.

A Closer Look at Me

Comparing a steel frame to a wood one is right up there with comparing oranges to pinecones. A little bit about me. Greetings, I’m Daniel and I’m the sharp side of the spear-head aimed for the heart of the steel window and door business.  I’m the operations manager for a revolutionary steel folding door company that is literally changing the way that people are viewing their homes, from both the inside and out.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen & done it all… wait…what?!

As a carpenter of over 10 years, centrally located in the residential realm, I’ve been helping people to work through their thoughts, ideas, plans and goals to build that perfect home they’ve always wanted.  Heck, I’d go as far as to say I even helped some of them create those ideas without them even knowing it.  I don’t have a trade school degree in construction or design. However, I do have a very fine eye for detail and enough experience to understand what it takes to get there.

Bringing someone’s ideal picture of their home to life through concrete, sheetrock, wood, vinyl and a bit of elbow grease was my area of expertise.  I thought I had a handle on what it took to make a home beautiful. I thought I had all the answers.  And then I met Ed Page…

The Man Himself

Mr. Page, or “ed” as he likes to be called, has been a mentor of mine now for just shy of a year. He is a top-notch engineer with more experience in the steel window and door company than I have years on this planet.  When first stepping into the light of 2Fold® I was absolutely enthralled with the product that he’d been working on for several years.  With his software and knowledge, he was able to develop the world’s thinnest window and door profile system.  The best example of this is found in the bi-folding, or folding door system.  He even has windows included in the ever-growing arsenal of 2Fold® products, which I am proud to say I’m a “contributing” member of.

Putting My Foot Through The Door

From the very first day working with ed, it’s been all systems go!  The engineering behind the overall design and how every part meticulously fits into a specific location to perform a specific function.  The design was unlike anything I’ve seen before.  Moving forward through the learning process, I myself can fully appreciate the benefits of this ingenious product.

I Now Pronounce You; Up & Coming

After my first installation of this product that I had literally built, I could see the correspondence between the need for exact screw types and perfect metal and wood fabrication that’s on point to a tiny fraction of an inch.  Although the manufacturing process is done through a software program which works as a guide for fabrication, there’s still a human element to the assembly.  I can honestly say that through all 10-plus years of general construction and carpentry projects and creations, I have never built something with such a pertinent design towards structural power and sleek aesthetic.

Our latest work can be found out in Michigan.  Check out the link below to see some of our elegant products post-installation.

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