Custom manufacturing is in my blood.  And challenges in meeting unique client driven solutions are what I live for. Over the years I have been asked to create many new window and door designs. I’ve never built a standard product that could be mass produced.  But, there have been times when I’ve given in to overly optimistic engineering and manufacturing practices.

That was the old Ed, now I prove every concept BEFORE the product leaves the building.

What Does My Design Process Look Like?

The entire 2Fold® product line is a culmination of over 40 years in the industry. This involved meeting with high profile architects and working for high wealth clients. These are the types who wanted absolutely unique designs.  We’re not just talking about custom sizes, but custom-engineered hardware and functions never before performed by the system.  

My creative process is demanding, but a lot of fun.  It all begins with several nights to sleep on the ideas. Suddenly, out pops a solid solution that is adventurous and often outside the box.  It is lonely outside the box . . . I like the solitude out there.

The 5 Steps Necessary for Successful Product Development

1. Thresh out the design in hand sketches or 2D drawings

2. Send completed concept to the client for approval

3. Build the final design in SolidWorks 3D software

All 2Fold® parts and assemblies live here. The custom assembly is then “installed” into the master model of the sash and frame models. Then we operate it to make sure it moves as expected. There are always tweaks to be made. Luckily, this can be done in the Cloud. This is the cheapest place to discover any interference and make last minute changes.

These new “inventions” aren’t all for naught. Most of the time, we use these innovative designs repeatedly; they become part of the standard options we offer.  This is how a simple folding door system morphed into a swinging door system. Then further to a fixed window wall system, a pass-through window, a self-supporting system, and whatever new contraption come up with.

4. Integrate the design into DriveWorks

In order to make these offerings part of our system going forward, we need to integrate them into DriveWorks. DriveWorks drives the production orders with a rule-based configuration of master models. These are then customized to create SolidWorks models of every last screw, nut, and assembly used in YOUR door or window.  This model can open and close. Plus, all the hardware shows up and is operational.

5. Fully assemble the final unit

Last but not least, we take the final unit (that has been ordered piece-by-piece) and fully assemble it. This includes weatherstripping and testing the operation in the shop. Here we can make last minute adjustments before we take it apart and ship it out.  

Assembling a large door that must be taken apart may seem counterintuitive. This is how we ensure that when the door is assembled in your home thousands of miles away that it works.   

2Fold® is the most daring window and door designer and manufacturer in the world. And we keep you safe during the entire process. With every product we build, we insist on your total satisfaction.