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What’s the cost of perspective?

Why is it that something that costs so much or holds value to someone, may be completely worthless to another? “Is the glass half full or half empty?” …or do you prefer a paper cup? Or my all-time favorite: “How much are you worth?”. These are just some of the questions that no one can answer for you. These are things, much like the experiences we happen upon each day, that are defined by your perspective. No one can tell you how you feel about something, how something should be created, if it’s by your hand, or how you should choose to enjoy and spend your time. “…It is a matter of perspective.” – Mullionz LLC owner of 2Fold®.

So, what am I getting at?

I’m talking about the way you choose to spend your time, your enjoyment, and how WE are all about finding the right fit, not just for your residential or commercial space, but for YOUR lifestyle. Comprised of some of the best materials currently available on the market, at 2Fold®, your ambitions, ideas, wants and needs are meticulously viewed through the lens of experience, patience and objectivity to guide you towards your goal . . . your endgame.

Our angle on your perspective.

The Picture below will help to better demonstrate. What do You see?

(2Fold® window wall project in Collingswood, NJ)

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We see months of careful planning, a thought, an idea, and someone’s goal.  The owner had a solid wall in a new retail space with an already owned empty plot right outside that wall.

Their design concept was to create a space to house a better home and garden storefront and to have varieties of flowers and plant life visible from adjacent walkways. Simple enough. Or not. Zoning committees, restrictions, and even historical societies all stood in the way of this grandiose sanctuary that was to be created.

Then 2Fold® was found.

The owner was led through the practical decisions necessary to create not just a hole, but fill it with a beautiful, enticing engagement between the shop and the side yard.  From consultation to production completion and eventual installation alone was several months, which were already months after manifesting a possible building design and concept.

Amidst our claims for manufacturing the windows and doors with the thinnest frames in the world and being best at thermal insulation, we also offer a collective mindset, a oneness of philosophy and the due diligence to persevere through adversity on your behalf to achieve exactly what you want. We understand that when you are choosing to purchase from us, you are choosing to invest. Whether it be on your commercial space’s massive front entrance glass wall or a 12ft folding door opening from your family room to your pool deck, 2Fold® will work to fit your needs, each and every time.

(2Fold® project in Collingswood, NJ “Complete”)

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