muntin bar | Steel | 2Fold | Custom Steel Doors | Small business
Textured glass placed underneath some muntin grids on a fixed unit/awning window combo.

The 2F-0000 is our window and door muntin system and accessories.  Muntins are the small bars that divide the large glass panel within a single sash or fixed frame.  They aren’t for everyone, but if you are seeking a traditional look, 2Fold® has a number of standard shapes available to choose from.  Also, custom shapes and sizes are available on special order.

The 2Fold® muntin is a 3-part, simulated divided lite (SDL) system.  The exterior is steel and fully welded or laser cut into the exterior sash frame.  Within the insulated glass unit is a spacer bar that matches the black appearance of the IG perimeter spacer. This makes it impossible to tell the difference between this SDL and a true divided lite.  The interior Accoya® piece is lap jointed at intersections and connected at the perimeter to the glazing frame.

This is the best you can get without jeopardizing the structural integrity and rigidity of the sash. If you are a muntin lover, this is for you!