Bespoke Quality

You are a discerning individual who won’t settle for the ordinary. 2Fold Bespoke Swinging and Folding Doors are not for everyone.

A luxury door is a major investment. You are not the type of person who will settle for a mass-produced folding door.

Bespoke quality at the price of an upper-end mass produced doors.

Available Sooner

Because of our small-scale, one-of-a-kind, production, we can frequently ship in half the time than a larger company requires.

The Artist

Ed Page has been a window and door engineer and designer for over 40 years.

Ed has worked for some of the most innovative companies in Europe and the US. When the folding door was first introduced, Ed saw how they could transform a space into something very special.

As with any new product, Ed saw the weaknesses and potential problems of folding doors. Using his design and engineering expertise, Ed has developed the next generation of folding doors.