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We have an idea...

Meet Eric & Patrick, two entrepreneurs with a solid goal in mind and the ambition to chase it down.

During the early stages of their renovation planning they were tossing around some different ideas about floor plans and general concept design for their dream business. After coming to the conclusion of a steel window and door integration, they got in touch with 2Fold proposing a simple idea.

At a glance, this is basically how it went,

What do you do with an empty space, a solid concrete wall, and ton of ambition? …Conjure up a business plan for a new small business. Blow out a 16 foot wide by 8 foot tall opening in that pesky wall. And, integrate a 2Fold Swing Door with 3 Fixed Panels into a window wall.

So What Does It Take?

A little bit of sweat, maybe a spot of blood or two, some tears, and about 300 lbs of concrete rubble…

After some lengthy conversations with the owner of 2Fold, Mr. Ed Page himself, the project was underway…

A Few Keynotes:

Under Construction

2Fold | Installation | Steel | Custom Steel Products | Fixed
2Fold swing door & fixed lites during installation with muntin grids

Since the products were installed by a team which was also included in the manufacturing, the process progressed very quickly. 

2Fold’s on-site laser-guided measuring systems ensured that each unit was produced within a millimeter of the desired sizes for this custom opening.

As you can see by the photo’s, it was a perfect match.

The Perfect Fit

The post-installation view here shows off two impressive features. 

  1. The Literal wall of steel windows with an operable panel, 100% custom to this opening. With some of the most eco-friendly and structurally sound materials on the market. 
  2. A client’s dream come true. Creating vision through a wall and opening up the once empty space to a plethora of natural light. 
Installation | Renovation | Steel | 2Fold | Custom Steel Design
Post installation view of a window wall with an out-swing door