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Steel vs. Aluminum for windows and doors?

Windows and doors were never made from aluminum until the mid 20th century. Steel was the metal that dominated the market before then dating back to the 19th Century. Cast iron storefronts can still be found in building of the late 1800’s, however

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What is a Door and Why Should I Care?

I have probably hit a new low in being pedantic and speaking down to you, but there is no depth to which I will not travel. Almost all of you if asked what is a door will create the mental image of the entrance door of your home or the door leading to

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Making Your Model Home Memorable

There is no such thing as bad publicity is something that you always hear, but we use the word memorable here as a positive description. Nobody wants to be the example that their competitor uses to explain

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What’s a movable glass wall?

Modern architecture loves huge expanses of glass. Who wants to be boxed into the dreary darkness of four bare walls when you could commune with nature within a climate

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Tucson Project Before

Since the beginning of the year, we have been building and arranging for the installation of a wonderful project in Tucson. The house is in a country club community and was

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Patent and Trademark

The building that received the applications for patent and trademark protection for the revolutionary 2Fold® Folding door system was quite a bit newer than this one. After 18 months of design, testing and software development . . .

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National Certified Testing Laboratories in York, PA conducted a full round of Air, Water and Structural testing on a 2Fold® Folding door. Additionally,

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