Come See My New Baby

OpenUp is a departure for me in that the 2Fold technology of joining steel and Accoya® (the miracle wood) has been modified/tweaked hence the “adoption.” In this creation I reached out to the world at-large and committed the heretical act of substituting aluminum for my precious steel.

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Before renovation image of a single hinged entry door

Tucson Project Before

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Since the beginning of the year, we have been building and arranging for the installation of a wonderful project in Tucson. The house is in a country club community and was

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Patent and Trademark

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The building that received the applications for patent and trademark protection for the revolutionary 2Fold® Folding door system was quite a bit newer than this one. After 18 months of design, testing and software development . . .

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National Certified Testing Laboratories in York, PA conducted a full round of Air, Water and Structural testing on a 2Fold® Folding door. Additionally,

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