All Bi-Fold Doors Look Great When Open,
Only 2Fold Doors Also Look Great Closed.

Traditional bi-fold door frames are two to three times as wide – which substantially reduces your view. Traditional doors also look clunky when they’re closed…which means 96% of the time, you’re looking through a thick, bulky door in your home.

You can completely transform your space by using a thin, elegant door that is designed specifically to maximize your view and provide unobstructed sightlines.

2Fold doors are the thinnest bi-fold door frames on the market today, at an incredible 1″ in face dimension – which means you get about 35% more glass area.

Want to Know If 2Fold Doors Might
Be a Good Fit for You?

Schedule a Free, No Obligation,
One-on-One Consultation with Ed Page

Ed Page, the creator of 2Fold Doors, has been a window and door engineer and designer for over 30 years, and he knows this business inside and out.

He’s generous with his time, and easy to talk to – and most importantly, he wants to help you figure out a plan that works for you.

When you get on the phone with Ed for your no-obligation consultation, you will get:

hassle-free conversation

A completely hassle-free, no-strings-attached conversation. Ed’s not going to try to sell you something. If you are working with a company other than 2Fold Doors Ed can still help you accomplish your goals. He’ll happily give you referrals to other vendors who can help you.

Explain your situation

The opportunity to explain your specific situation, and the challenges you’re currently facing with design, budget, and physical space considerations.

Honest Advice

Ed’s honest advice and assessment about how to solve your current challenges.

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