Accoya® Wood

minimalist architecture

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The world’s leading high tech wood is Accoya®, and it makes steel doors and windows super insulated.

At 2Fold® our goal is to create the strongest products with the very best views. Consequently, our frames are the thinnest available. We combine the strength of steel with the unparalleled performance of Accoya® wood. This is what makes our products are the strongest.

Accoya is PEFC and FSC certified and 100% non-toxic. Scientists have tested it thoroughly for dimensional stability, durability, and paint retention. Also, it is more reliable than even the best tropical hardwoods.

In fact, Accoya is a benchmark in the industry because it is so reliable. Accoya® is preplacing scarce hardwoods for green-friendly buildings.


Many companies are more environmentally conscious than they once were. As a result, they are looking for more sustainable options when it comes to high tech wood. Accoya® grows very fast. It grows in are responsibly managed forests. So, scarce tropical hardwoods, treated woods, and less sustainable materials are replaced with Accoya®.


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