Creek Canyon Pool-house Pass-Through

Quality at it's finest.

The Accoya or the steel, which has the most potential? With our 2Fold technology,  we manufacture the best qualities of both to bring you a unique, structurally sound product, you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

The selection process for our Accoya lumber kicks off our fabrication. Only the best materials  available are used and careful consideration is placed into each and every piece. 

Machines, Jigs, and Perfection Oh My.

While each and every 2Fold project differs from the last, the techniques and methodology for fabrication always remain the same. 

Here at 2Fold, we rigorously test a multitude of avenues to find the best solution to any and all problems we encounter. 

Joinery at it's best.

So, what makes our joinery better than our competitors? At 2Fold we utilize a 4-step process to joining our frame members together. One, we use a premium wood glue on ALL wood-to-wood surfaces. Two, we mortise and tenon the pieces where they meet each other. Three, a pilot hole with counter-sink on all straight connections. Four, we pocket screw the flat, inside corners together. This process provides one of the strongest bonds between the domino keys, screws, and glue.

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There is little we can't do

From designing 12ft tall folding doors, to 10ft wide aluminum pass-through windows, to 10 ft tall fold-over doors, 2Fold is the name to remember. With our adaptive and evolutionary methodology to handling our fabrication and client relationships, your next project may become the next premier window or door design.