Executive Offices in Michigan

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Exterior French Doors

This commercial space within a Storage Facility was transformed into Executive offices by changing 7 window openings into French doors with muntins and lockboxes to define the offices’ relationship to the soon to be landscaped outdoor space.

The pictures were taken immediately after the installation was complete before the offices were finished.  Final photography will be taken once the project is complete

Interior Office Enclosures

Within the renovated office space, four private offices were created with wall partitions and 2Fold in-swing doors, integral mullions, and fixed lites as the wall to common area.

3/4″ wide SDL muntins and lockboxes to house the mortise locks were added to the door leaves to carry on the design started with the French Doors.

Entrance with Etched Glass

From the building’s entrance, you are introduced to the Executive Offices by a private entrance containing an out-swing 2Fold door with mortise lock and lockbox which are traditional for steel doors.

The entrance glass was acid-etched on the #2 glass surface for privacy, and muntins were added to both the door and sidelights of this opening