Folding Doors in Manhattan

Natural light anyone?

2Fold boasts some of the best alternatives for allowing natural light into your home or business. With a 1″ steel & Accoya face frame, it’s easy to visualize the 2Fold difference where there is natural light available for penetration. 

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A great addition.

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This residential upgrade provided not only an exuberant amount of natural light, but also a modernized look as the rest of the apartment was also updated. 

As you can see in the picture to the left, the overall theme of this residence was really able to resonate with a sleek and profound ambiance. 

Bringing it all together...

2Fold’s 2F-8000 Folding door was exactly what this client was looking for. The modern feel, with the visible strength of the steel, matched with the durability of the Accoya wood, provided the ability to maintain the warmth of an upscale home.

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There is little we can't do

From designing 12ft tall folding doors, to 10ft wide aluminum pass-through windows, to 10 ft tall fold-over doors, 2Fold is the name to remember. With our adaptive and evolutionary methodology to handling our fabrication and client relationships, your next project may become the next premier window or door design.