NYC Apartment Upgrade

Simple, elegant, timeless...

This NYC apartment was about to receive an immaculate conversation piece, a 2F-1000 Fixed Window Unit. 

Simple enough in design, this client’s needs demanded a structurally sound steel window half wall to separate the entrance and dining area.

Once again, 2Fold was the perfect solution. 

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Like it was built there...

steel doors and windows | luxury windows | indoor outdoor living | nanawall | Hope doors

One of the unique challenges of this project that really required some acute attention to detail, were the muntin grids. 

As you can see in the photo to the left, our 2F-1000 Fixed unit was made with muntins to match the surrounding exterior windows. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the upper and lower muntins are actually running along the same plane as the windows you can see in the background.

A job well done.

Once installation on this project was completed, it was difficult to tell which windows were designed after others. The muntins on the 2Fold window synched up nicely to the outlying windows and the sleek, steel frame provided a sturdy, eye-catching transparent wall. 

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There is little we can't do

From designing 12ft tall folding doors, to 10ft wide aluminum pass-through windows, to 10 ft tall fold-over doors, 2Fold is the name to remember. With our adaptive and evolutionary methodology to handling our fabrication and client relationships, your next project may become the next premier window or door design.