West Chester Fold-Over

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What do you do with two barn doors covering your beautiful 3-season family room?

You call 2Fold. 

We were able to place a unique, 100% custom Fold-Over Door on this project without disturbing ANY of the existing frame & trim work.  Our dedicated CEO, Ed Page, tirelessly engaged with the client on this project to finally come to a resolution, which thrusted the company into a new direction with a brand new concept, the Fold-Over Door. Comprised of dual sashes opposing one another, that literally stack together on the interior of the building, built to a custom size and ensuring the most viable space between jambs. 

steel and glass doors | folding glass | thin door frames | folding patio doors | luxury glass doors | minimalist architecture
Interior shot of a field measurement

Consultation to design, to customization, to fabrication, to your home

2Fold boasts one of the highest demands to creating exactly what our clients want. Sure, we have standard sizing and you can choose between options that everyone else is choosing. Or, you can choose your own options, you can choose what exactly suits your window and door needs, and you don’t have to walk away with that feeling of compromise on satisfaction. With 2Fold we work our hardest to make YOUR vision a reality. 

folding glass | folding patio doors | thin door frames | minimalist architecture | luxury glass doors | steel and glass doors
Grinding screws on a door panel

There is little we can't do

From designing 12ft tall folding doors, to 10ft wide aluminum pass-through windows, to 10 ft tall fold-over doors, 2Fold is the name to remember. With our adaptive and evolutionary methodology to handling our fabrication and client relationships, your next project may become the next premier window or door design.  

luxury glass doors | folding patio doors | thin door frames | minimalist architecture | folding glass | steel and glass doors
Partially opened fold-over door