Short Hills Residential Enhancement

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A Unique Blend of Strength & Quality

thin door frames | big front doors | luxury glass doors | steel and glass doors | minimalist architecture
Exterior view of an upgraded steel, thin-framed, thermally broken front door with lockbox by 2Fold

Every 2Fold job is born with it’s own unique set of challenges and unwavering strategic development. This residential upgrade was no different.

minimalist architecture | thin door frames | luxury windows | steel and glass doors | custom steel doors
2Fold preparing for installation of steel Fixed windows and French door.

Once the calibrations for the laser were completed, we were off to the races on the installations. As you can see by the photo below, the laser-guided measurements allowed each muntin to line up horizontally within a millimeter of one another.

2Fold Steel Products | 2Fold doors | 2Fold Fixed Windows | Construction | Installation
Interior view, 2Fold post-installation of a French door and 2 Fixed window sidelites both with muntin grids.