The 2Fold® Family

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2F-8000 Folding Doors

2Fold® folding doors offer the ultimate in glass wall mobility.  They look great opened AND closed.

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2F-4000/5000 Swing Doors

Single and French doors that fill openings up to 8′ x 10′ with glass, class, and elegance.

2Fold swing door design.

2F-3000 Casement Windows

Casement windows in single and French pair configurations with unsurpassed beauty.

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2F-3500 Awning Windows

Awning windows create maximum ventilation in extremely large sizes with safety and security.

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2F-1000 Fixed & Window Walls

Fixed windows provide a view, but NO mobility.  When combined with 2Fold® mullions, they can make large combinations of fixed, casement, awning, and doors to suit any design and function aesthetic.

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Muntins & More

2Fold® is all about maximizing view, light, and mobility, but when your design calls for small divided panes within a thin-framed window or door, we have the perfect solution.

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2F-3900 Pass-Through Windows

Pass-Through windows offer the perfect connection from kitchen to patio with self-supporting windows that completely open.  Both awning and horizontally pivoting windows are available.