Solid Steel

2Fold® is made from steel because you want the thinnest frames possible to maximize glass/vision areas and yet be strong enough to withstand the strongest winds.  Steel is the only way to get to the holy grail of elegance and strength.

The moving panel frames are only 1″ wide but over 2-1/2″ deep and fully welded.  They won’t sag or distort over time, nor will they rust or leak at the corners like aluminum or clad doors can.

The steel is treated is a very special way by stripping it of all of the surface impurities through white sandblasting and then it is coated with the world’s best primer that places a protective coating that is 83% zinc to prevent rust.

The frame can be painted, by your contractor or we can provide the top coat to match your specification with up to a 15-year warranty.