2Fold Doors offers custom steel doors & windows. Our luxury doors offer strength & durability to protect your home while maintaining an appealing aesthetic. Ed Page has created the world’s thinnest swinging and folding door system with all operable sashes having an incredible 1” face dimension.  Traditional door sashes are usually two and half to three times as wide, substantially reducing your view. The thin custom steel doors frame of the 2Fold® door is designed to maximize your views while providing unobstructed sightlines.

A thinner frame is made possible through the use of a composite frame. Traditionally, the frames are made of a single material such as wood or aluminum. 2Fold® uses Steel and Accoya® wood composite frame. Steel offers strength and durability to the outside and Accoya® provides beauty and warmth, both aesthetically and thermally, to the inside. Synergy . . . the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts in this case. The use of a composite frame is too inefficient for large scale folding door manufacturers and can only be used with a bespoke window builder, like 2Fold®.


Minimalist architecture | luxury glass doors | steel and glass doors | thin door frames

Solid Steel

2Fold® doors are made with solid steel. Steel allows us to build the thinnest frames possible. This maximizes your view and is sturdy enough to

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minimalist architecture

Accoya® Wood

The world’s leading high tech wood is Accoya®, and it makes steel doors and windows super insulated. At 2Fold® our goal is to create the

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2Fold® has eliminated the hardware and security problems associated with traditional swinging and folding doors. Many folding and French doors have separate locks at the top and

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steel and glass doors | luxury glass doors | minimalist architecture | thin door frames

2.1 Cremone Lock

The mission of 2Fold® is to be the thinnest swinging folding door system in the world. The patent-pending combination of steel and wood created the ability to have sash

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High-Performance Glass

With 2Fold® steel and glass doors and windows, your choice of high-performance glass is virtually limitless.  Based on your geographic location and requirements of your

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