2Fold is the world’s thinnest folding and swinging door system. The system’s design allows the dramatic mingling of inside and outside spaces, both visually and physically. It enhances the beauty and functionality of any living space.

This product is totally customizable. So, you can configure the size, number of panels, and which of them swing like a door.

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What are 2Fold products made out of?

Steel is the exterior material and it provides both Strength and Durability

Accoya® is the wood of choice for the interior. It provides Insulation and a warm aesthetic

Brio Hardware uses the highest quality corrosion resistant materials and is built to last

Super Spacer® and energy efficient glass offer increased thermal and sound Insulation

A single lever activates concealed top and bottom locking rods

steel door hardware. steel door hardware design. thumb-turn.

3.1 Mortise Lock

Full function mortise locks with inside+outside levers, cylinder lock with thumbturn, and optional lockbox design are available on all swing doors

Why 2FOLD?

Environmentally Friendly

The most sustainable wood available

Strength to Last

The strongest materials on the market

Totally Customizable

Width, height, number of panels and swing door location are all YOUR choice

Fast Delivery

Software driven engineering adds speed to accuracy


Patent Pending technology allows unparalleled thinness


NFRC and Energy Star certificates maximize your investment